Lineage Alloys' mission is to be a world class supplier and manufacturer of thermal spray powders to the coatings industry.


Thermal Spray Powder Manufacturer

    ISO Certification




Lineage Alloys, Inc. is a privately owned company whose team of experienced powder manufacturing professionals have been producing thermal spray powders at the current location for over thirty-five years. We specialize in the manufacturing of tungsten carbide powders for HVOF coatings and Nickel Chrome carbide wear coatings. We also excel in the manufacture of one step thermal spray powders and NiCrSiB/ WC Blends.

Our current team has many years of wear coating experience and is dedicated to providing the best powder solution for your Thermal Spray requirements. The use of stringent quality control and manufacturing processes guarantees the highest quality and most consistent powders available. Our powders provide our customers consistent coating repeatability by ensuring the consistency of each shipment.

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